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smu-engineering > Necropolis Immortal > Chapter 1007: Assorted Emperors
“Long time no see, Wuzhiqi.” The Deaf Prince and the remaining prodigals walked out from the depths of Mount Vastspace, all of them wearing evil grins.

Wuzhiqi’s replica stumbled backward with surprise, but he was restrained and immobilized before he could do anything else.

“I really am loath to give up my current identity…” Lin Yan sighed softly, deep resignation shining out of his eyes. “It’s so nice to be a carefree second-generation of rich and powerful nobility with no responsibilities whatsoever…”

“We don’t need to rush into anything.” Jing Huaci and Houtu walked out of the shadows as well.

Desperation dawned in Wuzhiqi’s eyes when he saw that they were also here. He finally understood what these eight wanted, but there was nothing he could do about it. Mount Vastspace had severed the connection between the replica and his main body. His main body was still embroiled in battling the blood demon outside and had no idea what was happening here.

Regardless, alarm crept in when his main body realized that he was no longer in contact with his replica. A foreboding feeling rose from his heart at this unexpected development, but he was currently caught between a rock and a hard place. He didn’t even have the room to maneuver for a surrender if he wanted to!

The blood demon would grievously injure him if he ever so slightly eased up on his offensive, which could very easily lead to his death. This was the first time Wuzhiqi had felt death claw at him ever since the disappearance of the Flame and Yellow Emperors, as well as the Three Purities.


The eight occupants of Mount Vastspace weren’t ordinary demon gods.

Goumang, Rushou, Zhurong, and Gonggong were first generation rulers of the four divine nations in the great wilderness, while Taiyi and Changxi had built the celestial court together. The former was born from a sun star and thus a sun star spirit, while the latter was from the Taiyin Star and hailed as the Taiyin Star Lady in the era of human dao.

Houtu and the Queen Mother of the West needed no introduction. Houtu was the first Yin Prince of the world, beholder of the rules of the earth, and mistress of yin and yang. The Queen Mother of the West was the first connate divine spirit to be born in the world of celestials and ruler of Kunlun Mountain. Given her title as Queen Mother, she ranked second to only Taiyi in the world of celestials.

All of them bore a special presence about them that could be best described as a “decree”.

The position of the Huai river god, when bestowed by Taiyi, was also a type of decree—a divine decree.

The divine decree present on Wuzhiqi could resonate with the decrees on the other eight, summoning forth the core essence within their true spirits that had been obscured by endless rounds of reincarnation. They would return to their roots this way and once again assume the mantle of eight great chaos realm masters from the great wilderness.

After a long per

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